DivvyO is Expanding
March 31, 2022

I swear this isn't weight related.

With the website hitting triple digit articles without any wipes or serious deletions, we are now introducing a tiered experience!

- FIRST TIER: Do you read, with little emotional investment? That's fine. Don't do anything new. You keep doing you, and we'll keep doing us.

- SECOND TIER: While reading, do you find yourself thinking "I wish there was some way to support DivvyO, but I don't want to spend any money?" That's all right! Connecting to our social media will do more than you may think. We have a facebook, a twitter, a subreddit, and an instagram. You can also register a account and even get free email updates if you'd like.

- THIRD TIER: "But DivvyO," you say, "I'd like to support your work but with something a little more fungible." Way to go! We have a ko-fi set up for you to take advantage of. Supporters will also get a custom piece of physical artwork and some free stickers to pad out the envelope!

- BEST TIER: If you're reading this and would like to become a full-on, die-hard DivvyO-naut (we're workshopping the name), you can set up recurring payments on patreon. Supporting this way gets you unrestricted access to every part of The secret chat room. The old articles in the archive. Everything. I mean, not the self-destruct button, but everything else.

Since the first tier involves you doing or changing absolutely nothing, we thank you for preemptively agreeing to this new, tiered system.


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