What's Missing From the Biden Presidency?
April 09, 2022

Quit your bellyaching and I'll tell you

In the two years that Joe Biden has been President, he has had a number of accomplishments. An infrastructure law has been passed after years of ineffective, toothless declarations of "infrastructure week." Despite the mess it caused, we're finally out of the drawn-out, decades-long conflict in Afghanistan. We have a new Supreme Court justice with an impeccable record and a long history of bipartisan congressional approval through her previous appointments.

But something is missing.

In these last two years, the President hasn't held a single rally, and that's kind of disappointing. Where am I supposed to find my "Hunter Biden 2028" flags to trigger the snowflake cons?

He hasn't made a single tweet declaring domestic political opponents as crazy, sleepy, crooked, shifty, or any other Snow White-and-the-Seven-Dwarfs-adjacent adjective. Joe Biden's posts on social media are actually somewhat tame. Why not take a dig or two?

He hasn't stirred up his base by painting every member of the opposing party as enemies of the American way of life. He hasn't bragged about his relationship with a single autocratic leader.

He hasn't publicly asked his constituents for money to fund obscure, ill-defined legal battles or abstract concepts like "Saving America." Save them from what? Who cares, I want to send a check!

He hasn't irresponsibly conflated our nations problems, like fentanyl and immigration, or COVID and Bill Gates.

He hasn't proposed solutions to weather problems by throwing nuclear weapons at them.

He hasn't assigned family members to tackle large foreign policy issues, or given them salaried jobs in the White House.

We lived with four years of a special, social-media based kind of anxiety. A concern regarding what kind of new, obnoxious statement our Commander-in-Chief was going to blurt out and make the global opinion of America sink further.

We don't have that anymore.

Instead we have a president that (as far as I know), hasn't given Puerto Rico so much as a single roll of paper towels. Get on the ball, Joe Biden!

We need a president who can make the tough decisions. Who forgoes Camp David for his own private club paid for on the taxpayer dime. I want someone who can answer the tough questions America has to ask (unless he doesn't feel like it, then it's OK to leave).


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