I Thought About Ending It All
January 24, 2023

Then I went through with it, and had immediate regrets

For the last two months, I had been going through a crisis of faith. Specifically, I didn't believe that this website was good for my mental health.

The game that I busted my ass on had zero people even try it. Zero. I wanted people to play it, and even told people in the real world about it in an attempt to get a local following of sorts. After people told me to my face they were going to try it, there was not a single blip in my analytics that came from someone who wasn't me.

I used to work in sales, so I'm used to this kind of reaction. That being said, the non-existent reception I had to my game stung pretty badly.

So I deleted everything.

For anyone who has been a fan of this website for any length of time, this isn't new for me. I'll put a concerned effort into making content people may enjoy, get disheartened when nobody engages with it besides a couple of search engine spiders, then nuke the site from orbit in an attempt to make something new, different, and popular months later.

This time was unlike the others, however. This time, I kept a backup before I nuked the site.

With (almost) everything getting restored (Endless Nameless and all of my other games are down until further notice), I threw a new coat of paint over everything and am bringing it back piecemeal as a kind of soft open. In the near future, I'll keep working on adding features over time.

Until then, enjoy my (half) broken website!

- DivvyO


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