Happy Anniversary to
March 01, 2021

One year without recklessly deleting and resetting anything

In the decades I've had control over, there have been a number of fleeting versions of it. Previously, this domain name has been a home for:

- Four separate webcomics.
- Music from my garage band I had as a teenager.
- Music from my random experiments with EDM.
- An arcade with about a dozen flash games.
- A hub for online RPGs that other people have made.
- A hub for online RPGs that I had made.
- A site where you compare two jokes and vote on which one is funnier.
- A (possibly illegal) ballroom dance tutorial.
- A blog trying to meld all of the above together (we are here).

I have made some stylistic changes to this latest model of the site, but I have kept the heart of it the same. Most of the site in its current form acts as a hub for all the other stuff I make and post online: memes, articles, videos, the occasional game, etc. I'm one of those people online who isn't trying to be the King of the Internet ... but I also wouldn't mind if it happened.

Since this site has been open, I have hit some neat milestones:

- 1,000 YouTube followers
- 100k YouTube views on one video
- Monthly revenue high enough to pay for's hosting bills
- Almost 30 Facebook followers (...yay)
- Almost 10 Twitter followers (...yay?)
- Open criticism from people I wrote articles about (thanks, right-wing zealot Bevelyn Beatty)

For the next year, I have plans for a lot more:

- I have three separate games I'm hammering out the code for, that are all more complex than the stuff that's currently in my games section.
- Starting a wider social media presence (including the weird big-brothery ones).
- Adding a ridiculous amount of upgrades to the site.
- Offering sponsorship.

Keep visiting, and I'll see you next year when this whole thing gets sterilized for my upcoming foray into United States politics!*

*Probably not. But maybe. No. Yes? #DivvyO2022

Joe "DivvyO" Erickson


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