Why the heck is it called The Big Lie, anyways?
July 03, 2021

Does that make the people spreading them big liars or something?

Say, did you hear that the 2020 presidential election was stolen?

Everyone knows. Heck, in May 2021, a ispos/Reuters poll showed that over half of self-identified Republicans considered Donald Trump their "true president." If these many people believe it, it has to be true!

And there's so much evidence! There were dozens of lawsuits to prove this. It doesn't matter that most of these lawsuits were thrown out of court due to untimeliness or a lack of evidence (or both). Who needs lawsuits with evidence when the lawsuits *are* the evidence! All of the important people are saying it. Mike Lindell! Sydney Powell! Rudy Giuliani! It doesn't matter that Mike Lindell gets pre-empted by news media who insist on letting their viewers know that the election wasn't actually stolen? And Powell is getting sued by Dominion Voting Systems for slanderous statements about the way they conduct business? And Rudy Giuliani was suspended by the New York Bar for his multiple provably false statements about the 2020 election? Unbelievable! These people can't be wrong! It must be the deep state! Question: in 2021, how many parenthesis must be added around the phrase "deep state" to signal to Q that I'm a true believer? Is it still ((((((((eight))))))))?

Heck, even Donald Trump is saying that the election was stolen, and he always tells the truth! Like how he hires the best people (even if he fired many of his cabinet appointments, sometimes over Twitter like a REAL MAN), or how COVID-19 was going to go away on its own after 15 or so cases, or how he avoids paying taxes whenever possible which makes him smart, or how he stopped being friends with Jeffrey Epstein once he found out the guy was also a rapist ephebephile. The man simply can't not never lie!

Don't believe what you may see on social media. Remember: big tech loves to give penalties to people who post views contrary to their staff's beliefs. All you need to do is say that horse anti-parasitics can cure a viral disease and you'll get ostracized to Gettr. Don't even get started about the clearly provable election fraud that's so obviously everywhere! There can't be 81 million Biden voters, if so why were his mid-pandemic rallies so small?

To prove my point that these views get silenced, this post will probably get viewed by four people. Four! Don't let this article be silenced! Share it with everyone! The truth is out there! Bill Gates aerosolized the 5G vaccine tracker and put it in chemtrails! Dominion voting machines have been hacked to play Leisure Suit Larry on Election Day! Fauci is using the Delta variant to keep hand sanitizer off the clearance aisle! Sweetheart, why are you on the phone with the police? Oh god she's in on it too


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