Oh, the Election is Getting Stolen, All Right
August 03, 2021

But by who? And how? And when?

After almost ten months of audits, lawsuits, recounts, and declarations of fraud, you would think that there was a mountain of evidence that showed the 2020 presidential election (or any election for that year) was corrupt.

People have pushed the narrative that our elections are rife with corruption for decades. As a recent example, former President Trump declared that millions of fraudulent votes were present in both the 2020 election (understandably, he lost) and the 2016 election (because he lost ... the popular vote?). Auditors and private companies have rifled through voting records, ballots, tabulation machines, and more in an attempt to find this rampant fraud that's allegedly endemic throughout the country.

And of course, they haven't found anything. At least, nothing substantial. Certainly not in the millions.

It doesn't matter, though. The idea of fraudulent elections is rolling down the hill, and for some legislators, that's enough.

Seventeen different states have enacted laws this year that make it more difficult to vote, register, or stay on the voter rolls. These bills have been passed in an attempt to fix a problem that doesn't exist, with more fixes on the way.

Where does this leave us, as voters? Will there be a day where the state we live in will have our election results overturned because the victor isn't part of the same political party as a state's majority legislature?

The unfounded declarations of fraud need to stop. Goalposts keep moving in the fight to secure elections, and they need to stop. People who are declaring unproven cases of voter/election fraud and asking for handouts to fight it need to stop.

We need elections to be free of corruption. Placing restrictions on an already proven fair election isn't solving a problem, but it may create a new one of disenfranchising voters. Our votes already don't directly count for a presidential election (the all-or-nothing Electoral College already silences the minority in almost every state of the union). I hope that the future doesn't find us with any impassible roadblocks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make sure my RealID and voter registration is current so I don't get punted off the voter rolls for stopping Gavin Newsom's recall on September 14th.


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