Hey, Jay Obernolte!
August 12, 2021

A few questions from a constituent, eight months in

I belong to CA-08, a state district that encompasses Mono, Inyo, and most of San Bernardino counties. We have a new United States Representative, a video game designer from Big Bear Lake named Jay Obernolte.

It has been eight months since Representative Obernolte has been sworn in, and he has since raised some important issues onto a national stage. I'd like to use this space to address some of these issues and what is being done to combat them:

Hey, Jay Obernolte, I couldn't help but notice that you appeared on Newsmax to complain about how President Biden and the Democratic party is not doing what it can to curtail inflation. Out of control inflation is a serious problem, and I'm glad that you're trying to shine the spotlight on it. What are you trying to do to help make it so inflation doesn't overly harm the most vulnerable parts of our population?

Hey, Jay Obernolte, it's been three months since you pointed out illegal marijuana grows have been terrorizing our district. You called them major risks to our public safety and thieves of over 2 million gallons of California's water every day. While I agree that illegal grow operations need to be shut down, what updates do you have in the months since your announcement that something is being done to curtail this problem? California's law enforcement already includes a Marijuana Eradication Team, which has been working diligently throughout the year to take out scores of illegal marijuana grow operations across the state. You have co-signed a letter to Attorney General Garland asking for help with this emergent problem, is there anything else that has been done?

Hey, Jay Obernolte, it's been ten months since the 2020 presidential election where you objected to the results. While you eventually acknowledged that Joe Biden won, you also were interested in the voting operations of Arizona, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. You were so interested in these states, that you voted to overturn the results of the presidential election.

Since then, Arizona has gone through an exhausting number of recounts and audits. Pennsylvania is preparing to do the same. The only thing these procedures seem to be doing is stirring up hate and division. Now that it has been almost a year, do you have anything new to update your constituents with regarding election integrity? If you knew then what you know now, would it have changed your vote to overturn the election?

As a US Representative, there are some huge problems that you have to tackle. You're very good at shining a spotlight on them. For your constituents and our country, I hope you're also able to work out some solutions. It has been eight months into your first term. You only have sixteen more.


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