Dear Fellow Annoyed Parent
August 27, 2021

A response to some social media post somewhere

I saw that you posted in our middle school message board about a complaint that you have about masks. Specifically, I saw that you were complaining about how your child has difficulties with masks fogging up their glasses.

This post wasn't a search for advice on how to wear masks, or if anyone had any ideas on what to do to keep the glasses less foggy. You wrote this post to complain about how your kid (who already had COVID according to you) was getting yelled at by their teacher because they kept pulling their mask under their nose.

When I read this post you wrote, I wanted to be snarky and unhelpful. I wanted to include things like a Google search on how to wear a mask with glasses (this one's a perennial favorite: Let Me Google That For You). I wanted to tell you to tell your kid to suck it up because as a member of a sports team, they're physically challenged every time they enter practice so a mask should be no big deal.

I was beaten to the punch by a bunch of other people that saw you were complaining -- not to the school district, school, teachers, government organization, or PTA, but to a powerless group of fellow middle school parents -- and they took it upon themselves to tell you in a number of ways to suck it up and deal with it.

As the argument went on, you dropped the stat that COVID has a 99.7% survival rate. If we use this and combine it with another statement you made about how "everyone gets it," that means that out of the 1,000 students that attend our kids' school, 3 will die from COVID. When this got pointed out, you responded with "kids are much less likely to die from this."

So at this point where you start moving your goalposts around, I realize the argument is pointless. This is an act of impotent, frustrated complaining to whoever you can get to hear you. It's a temper tantrum. You don't want to do your part to slow or stop the spread of a pandemic that kills hundreds of thousands of people because ... your kid can't figure out how to wear a mask without their glasses fogging up.

I guess that's one thing you and your kid have in common: you can't see past the nose on your own faces.

At least that's something I would have told you, if the board you posted your original message on didn't delete the entire conversation/debate. Also, I didn't post it because it was again, snarky and unhelpful.

As we drag through the second year of dealing with COVID, I get that there are new things that are frustrating and seemingly difficult for all of us. Everyone has had to adapt to making lots of little changes. Masks. Vaccination. Social distancing. I don't know about you, but I certainly wash my hands more.

There's also a lot of things we have found out over the year+ that don't work. Lupus medicine. Horse dewormer. Prayer (there's a non-zero number of religious leaders who have dropped dead to COVID). Statements like "Just let everyone get it like chickenpox." Fighting with people who are doing all of the things in the previous paragraph. Ignoring the pandemic. If you want to get back to normal, doing or promoting any of the above things will not help.

You're upset. I am too. Lots of us are. We stand together in wanting everything to get back to normal. To get there, there's many ways to help. Letting off steam at a bunch of other frustrated parents (some of which are frustrated with the anti-maskers in their ranks) helps only two people: Mr. Jack S. and Mr. F. All.


Another Annoyed Parent


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