T Minus Thirty Minutes To Fraud
September 15, 2021

Proof? Because We Say So

As some of you may know, there is an election going on in California that is asking the question wether or not our Governor Gavin Newsom should be replaced with one of forty-or-so candidates.

An interesting part of this election is that as of right now, an hour before the polling site close statewide, there are already declarations that the election has been rigged. Not by the crazy homeless guy downtown or your aunt that exclusively gets her news from random Wordpress blogs, but by people in relatively important and influential positions.

Larry Elder is the frontrunning candidate to replace Gavin Newsom should he be recalled. He has already made statements about the election being rigged, and has a section on his website where you can submit an affidavit about witnessing election fraud.

Donald Trump has been sounding the alarm of fraudulent elections since 2015, which is interesting because he won the 2016 election while simultaneously questioning its legitimacy. The interesting thing about this tactic coming from the former president is that when elected, Trump created a special commitee specifically to investigate election fraud. It was disbanded after nine months and no results.

The fact that the election hasn't even finished yet is a damning sign that we are descending into a childish political climate. Defeated candidates conceding to the results of a fair election that has already cost California taxpayers half a billion dollars aren't en vogue anymore. Now it's accusations of fraud and promises of expensive lawsuits.

While everyone wants a fair and secure election, crying foul before everything is finished (or even started) does less to maintain that security and more to simply drive both a deeper wedge between Americans.

With all these unfounded claims of voter fraud, it begs a question: How many times do people have to cry wolf before we stop believing them?


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