Yes, Daddy, You Too
December 02, 2021

A Forgotten Villany in the Abortion Debate

With the Supreme Court currently in a heated debate about a mother's right to choose, everyone with an opinion about the matter is coming out of the woodwork.

People talk about women's rights, fetal rights, doctor's rights, clinical rights, religious rights, and the limits on when and how a woman should be able to get an abortion.

But in this debate, where what amounts to a voluntary miscarriage is starting to work its way into a felony, there's a villain here holds all the power, but can assume none of the responsibility. You could say he's getting off freely.

Nobody is talking about the fetus' father's role in all of this.

"But DivvyO," you say, "the 'dad' has very little role in this argument. He's effectively a sperm donor. Just a few minutes in the beginning and that's it."

Those are a vitally important few minutes, however. If you pull out a father's involvement in the very beginning, there's no fetus whose life we have to argue about. The whole seed of the argument is spilled.

So what do we do with the "dad" of an aborted fetus?

The answer is simple: imprisonment. Hard time.

If people are willing to vilify a woman and her right to choose, if they want to call her a baby-murderer, you better believe we should be going after the other half of that equation and throwing them in jail as an accessory. After all, he knew what he was getting himself into.

Texas has legislation that targets people trying to get an abortion. It penalizes a mother, her doctor, the staff, the Uber driver if she used one, anyone tangentially involved in the process gets targeted for a civil suit.

This law names the father as responsible zero times. The only place he is mentioned is in an unamended part of the law where he's still liable for child support if a woman decides to keep a fetus to term. If that doesn't seem one-sided to you, I don't know what does.

I say if we are to start vilifying women for getting abortions, we need to start paying attention to the other responsible party. Once the "daddies" start getting fingered for these unlawful activities, maybe we'll see some more responsible legislation come down the canal.

Don't go after abortion legislation half-cocked. Swing both ways, and go after the boys as well as the girls. The road is going to be hard. And long. Obviously, Americans aren't finished working it out. But if we take it from multiple angles, I think there's still a way for our nation to come together and be satisfied.


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