A Running Start on 2022's Resolutions
December 15, 2021

A little bit of resolve / is what I need now

For those of you paying attention to this blog since it started, first off: thanks for sticking around so long, mom. I really appreciate it. Also:

Many people have New Years Resolutions, and 2022 I'm sure will be no different. If this article makes it to you in time (before December 17th), you now have two weeks to get a jump start on your resolution.

For example: I want to lose weight. How original, I know. The last time I tried, I lost -10 pounds. That's not a misprint. While trying to lose weight, I went from 260 ... down to 270.

I KNOW that I'm going to want to make this my New Year's Resolution. Next year will be the year! But New Year's Resolutions fail. I don't want this to fail. I'm afraid of this extra weight pulling my increasingly aging body down into the earth, never to return.

So I don't have a New Year's Resolution for next year.

I have a two-weeks-before-New-Year's-Resolution. A National Cupcake Day Resolution, if you will. I'll track my progress daily and see what comes of it. If everything goes according to plan, about 80 lbs should come of it.

(Secretly I also want to write at least 150 more articles, get to a million views on YouTube and turn into a part time job but whatever)

Do you want to start off the new year right? Start it off early. Get out those running shoes. Go out on more dates. That novel won't write itself. Improve your mental health. Discover Sikhism. Don't wait to take that first step. Get started now.

You'll be glad you did.


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