Where is the Governor of Florida?
January 01, 2022

And why is his staff so concerned about this guy's feet?

If you look at Governor Ron DeSantis' twitter page, it's full of heartwarming, inspirational local government content. DeSantis visits a handful of local businesses, publishes videos about how football is great in Florida, and talks about how the Sunshine State will do its part for Santa to deliver presents safely this Christmas.

It's a heartwarming page, if not missing one thing: There's zero acknowledgement of Florida's alarmingly growing COVID case rate.

The last three days have seen a drastic uptick of COVID cases, as daily new cases recorded in Florida have passed 75,000 with no sign of slowing down or stopping. If these numbers continue and based on earlier data, there's a solid chance that Florida can see multiple days where they can see >1,000 people dead from COVID.

I hope none of that will be true. I hope that vaccination levels in Florida are high enough that most cases are reduced in severity. I hope that the Omicron variant is the cause of many of these cases, as the variant is shown to be less harmful. I hope that Florida's plan for treating COVID cases through antibody treatments and other standards of care works out for their sick residents.

That being said, people are starting to look for a message from the Governor regarding what has been going on in his state. They aren't finding much.

DeSantis' press secretary, Christina Pushaw, has shed some light on the situation, pointing out that the Governor is spending the holidays with his family and assisting his wife who is currently living with breast cancer.

What the press secretary has also shared is how New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been vacationing in Florida, unmasked and in public. A picture shared online shows the congresswoman holding a drink, sitting across from her boyfriend, who (and for some reason the internet went into a tizzy about this) was wearing open toed sandals. In Florida. Outside.

Not AOC's feet. Her boyfriend's feet.

Let me be clear: The Governor of Florida's press secretary is trying to shift the narrative from "why is my boss missing" to "can you believe the audacity of this guy's Birkenstocks?"

I wish Florida the best, and hope that the Governor is steering his state in the right direction.

Maybe one day we'll hear about it from him.


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