A List of Prominent Anti-Vaxxers & -Maskers
January 05, 2022

They're not being doxxed, they're already dead

On a serious note: We're rolling into the third year of the COVID pandemic, and there are still people arguing over the efficacy of the vaccine, masking, and/or socially distancing.

This creates a terrible side-effect, where the people arguing against COVID prevention sometimes find themselves dying from the disease they're playing down.

Some of the people in the below list had changed their minds before passing away, others did not. A few of these people never had a chance to go one way or another, as they succumbed too quickly.

Marc Bernier - Florida radio talk show host

Herman Cain - Presidential candidate and namesake for r/HermanCainAward

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. - Christian radio host & Bible prophecy teacher

Bob Enyart - Colorado pastor & talk show host

Kelly Ernby - Orange County Assembly candidate

Dick Farrel - Florida radio host & Newsmax anchor

Gerald Glenn - Bishop

Marcus Lamb - Prominent Christian broadcaster & founder of Daystar Television Network

Joe Manning - Police captain

Gregg Prentice - Florida GOP official who had the only passwords to Republican party campaign finance software

Landon Spradlin - Pastor and musician

Robert David Steele - Former CIA officer and conspiracy theorist

Pressley Stutts - Greenville, South Carolina GOP leader

Tod Tucker - Oklahoma radio host

Phil Valentine - Tennessee radio host

Caleb Wallace - Founder of anti-mask group "San Angelo Freedom Defenders"

To make it on this list, there were a couple of criteria that needed to be met:

- They had to be relevant enough to America to warrant at least a local news article regarding their deaths (sorry, Mike Winther and Hai Shoulian, you didn't make it).
- They had to have a vocal stance in one or more of the following: vaccines, masking, social distancing, or the severity of COVID.

I know that most of this website is bad jokes and lukewarm-at-best political takes. There are some of you out there I'm sure that are still on the fence as to whether or not to take this disease seriously enough to vaccinate and be more vigilant with masks.

If you haven't been convinced by me throughout the years, maybe the people listed above can do a better job.

Stay safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated, get boosted if you can.


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