DivvyO's Best(?) of 2021
March 13, 2022

Timely Posted Three Months Into 2022

While running, I have some barebones analytics running under the hood. Using advanced homebrew algorithms, here's a list of what pages got the most engagement for 2021.

10. VIDEO: This is A Test

This was the first video I posted on the DivvyO YouTube channel. As far as I know, the later ones were much better.

9. Arguing Against Arguing Against COVID-19

With the pandemic raging on, there were a number of people trying to argue against the severity of COVID-19. With the disease killing half a million Americans a year, this was something I wrote to try to raise awareness.

8. What Led to January 6th, Anyways?

Remember the tour that thousands of Americans decided to take through the Capitol? The one that was totally peaceful, if you ignore the 100+ police beatings, 4+ deaths, thievery, and literal poop on the walls? I wonder who started all that? HINT: This article puts the blame on Trump.

7. Henry Ford Study Shows HCQ Works Against COVID-19

Through the pandemic, doctors were throwing everything at COVID to see if something would stick. One of the more controversial treatments was Hydroxychloroquine, which went through a number of studies like this one with varying levels of results. This one had shown HCQ worked ... or it showed steroids worked, because in the same study's data steroids were shown a higher efficacy rate against COVID.

6. Flash Flashback: Synapse

My dead, Flash-based video game still somehow brings traffic to this site. I guess it's time to reboot it for modern systems.

5. I Am Anti-Lux

This was one of my favorite articles of the year. You can't tell me what to do with my car's lights while I drive. My headlights, my choice.

4. Why Prager University ... Isn't

A piece on why conservative junk food purveyor PragerU isn't exactly -- or remotely -- a University (for those who don't know, that's what the U is).

3. The Store Is Online!

Except at the time of this writing, it isn't! If this is article #3 in terms of popularity, I guess I should get on that.

2. Social Media Declares Biden Campaign Manager Arrested For Election Fraud

This one was fun. People leapt on this story because they wanted any sort of dirt on Joe Biden, his family, or his campaign. After all, he was running against someone who's family charity was ordered to shut down and had a dozen of his staffers arrested for all sorts of obnoxious behavior. The arrest didn't actually happen, of course, but for thousands of people that didn't matter.

1. The Problems With Antifa

What amounts to a political boogeyman, the unorganized organization defining itself as Antifa has been used as a scapegoat for everything bad like January 6th attacks, riots, and why your dog had to move to the farm upstate. This covers a different style of issues with the organization.


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